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For many years, writing daily here was part of my spiritual practice, now only occasional, but check me out on Facebook, Pinterest, Polyvore.


Fifth and final daughter of a couple who relocated to Los Angeles from the midwest to recoup from the depression, I was born on August 7, 1937. I am divorced with 3 grown children and six grandchildren. I am now in phased retirement at my K-12 private school and serve as part-time archivist. Raised in a rural area of Los Angeles, I still see classmates occasionally that I went to grammar, high school, and junior college with. I completed two years of college before I married in 1958 and spent the next 27 years being a traditional wife, mother and community activist. Somewhere in between I went back to the university, which was probably the most stimulating time of my life, and received a B.A. in Journalism and Public Relations and an M.A. in Humanities/Comparative Religions. All things spiritual have been of my continuing life-time interest. A converted Catholic at 21, I have spent a life-time hunting for a religion that works for me. I guess I would consider myself a cafeteria Christian, but attend an Episcopal Church. I have kept a journal/diary since I learned to write and partnered with collage art, my creative side has blossomed. I live near the ocean in Redondo Beach, California in a beautiful townhouse-and having survived breast cancer twice, each day is pure gift. Wow, what a journey this has been.


music, friends, carl jung, working part-time in a private k-12 school, my dog mollie, travel on a budget, collage art, beach walks, non-violent movies, stretching my mind and learning new things, teaching and keeping journals, having philosophical discussions with people i trust, eclectic music tastes from rock and roll through classical, art of many talented women, live theatre, opening my home which i call sanctuary to people who like to come here to do inner work, being alive, seeking the sacred in the ordinary, grateful for the wonderfully bumpy and happy life i've had so far., reading, writing, photography, family, poetry, southern california, spiritual direction